Creating a No-Database Chat System

by utilizing a flat-file structure

Due to recent interest on a tutsplus article that is now dated and not working I have decided to improve the code and create a new style of the same thing but attempt to make it easier for beginers to understand how it works. We will be using a mixture of PHP with JS mainly to create this product. As far as the style we will be using the free and open-source platform called Bootstrap. I recommend learning to use it since it is a very powerful tool to rapidly design prototype and live site designs.

Getting Started

For this solution we will be needing a web server that is capable of running a php server that allows access to change file and folder permissions


This solution we will be designing a chat system that will allow multiple users to chat in a group. We will display a counter for the number of people that are connected. We will also be making it automatically assign an incremental name if they don't specify a specific name. You will also experience creating a login/logout system to keep the chat group clean.

Step 1: HTML Styleing

Step 1: HTML Styleing

						sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation